Speaking & Workshops

Click here for files for Going Viral – 12.15 at Designbox

Below are a handful of decks from speaking and workshops in the last couple months. I love teaching, training, coaching, consulting, speaking, presenting, and so on – if you’d like to book me for a networking group, industry event or corporate training seminar – take a look through my calendar and reserve a time (I’m pretty free): http://tungle.me/arikabel Along with the recent presentations below I create custom talks on generally innovation in creativity, media, communication, technology, entertainment, those kinds of things.

You.com: Building a Personal Brand for Jobseekers

Inspired by all the extraordinarily talent still out of work, the feedback many have given me in my own times of job search, and disbelief with the outdated paradigms still in effect in the hiring process, You.com is about telling a more compelling story, in a way that grabs people’s attention and delivers jobs to the seeker. December 2nd, 2010 at Hope Community Church.

Internet Summit 2010: Crowdsourcing Online Video

Below you’ll find my presentation during the online video session for Internet Summit 2010. If you’d like to learn more about Zooppa, the Emerging Media Research Council or my creative and marketing consulting email me!

Phil Buckley of MediaTwo Interactive has shared a liveblog of the online video session here

The two Zooppa videos played during the session are here: TMZ Toyz | Animal Control

Going Viral: Making and Distributing Online Video

Below you’ll find the in-class presentation from November 6th, as well as links to a shared spreadsheet of resources for creating and distributing online video.

Below is the presentation from the November 6 Class

Click this link for the Resources List discussed in the November 6 class

Click this link for videos discussed in the November 6 class

ProductCampRTP 2010: From Improv to Innovation

This workshop is really about breaking paradigms and bad habits in the way we communicate. Attendees put into practice the 5 rules in the deck by interacting with each other in improvised scenes (remember, improv is not stand-up comedy, it is a social art form). The insights people gain are applied specifically as personal development in the professional and social sphere.
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