The 80-20 of Online Video – IABC Triangle – January 2012

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Thanks again everyone for your participation in The 80-20 of Creating Online Video today!

You may want to Bookmark this Page by hitting CTRL+D (PC) or Command+D (Mac) or save the link somewhere so you can access this information when you’re planning your video projects.

This is the the link to the Resources List I mentioned in the session.
Useful tools for ideation, production, distribution and sharing, including links to the online tools and software we didn’t get to discuss in the workshop.

Here is the presentation you saw

The 80/20 of Online Video

View more presentations from Arik Abel
Here’s a list of the videos we watched in class, and an embedded version of the full Prezi that you saw when we discussed the “Online Video Experience” and Double Rainbow Guy. You can click through the whole presentation yourself, which was delivered to Shop Local Raleigh earlier this year.

The List of Safe-for-Work Memes is Below

Think of these as popular Techniques that you can use to draw inspiration when you’re thinking of how to present your video.

Youtube Interactive Games

Forced Perspective

Lying Down Game



Flash Mob

Parisian Love Parodies (Search Stories)

One Take

Recut Movie Trailers / Movie Trailer Remix

Popping Popcorns with Cellphones

EPIC Maneuvers

Will it Blend?

Daft Hands

wdydwyd? aka Why Do You Do What You Do?

Stop Motion Beatbox

5 second Movies

Youtube Cyphers

The Philippine Cebu Dancing Inmates/Prisoners

Apple Store recordings


Six-Word Memoirs

Post-it Stop Motion

Vince Shlomi (ShamWow, Slap Chop)


Paying Bills with Spider Drawings (Seven-Legged Spider)

Diet Coke and Mentos

Extreme Advertising

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