Randy Savage Died to Save Us from the Rapture

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The phrase he died to save us wouldn’t normally bring to mind Macho Man Randy Savage, yet odds are you’re seeing the image below of recently deceased wrestler Randy Savage, with Jesus on judgment day, saving us from the Rapture. All over Facebook, the image below is being shared with the phrase “And lo, it came to pass that Randy Savage did prevent the Rapture. Amen.”

Randy Savage Jesus Rapture

Image is from Rad-Dudes.com

One of the things I teach students in my Going Viral class is how to quickly respond to topical trends in the world by mashing up ideas that create contrast and tension. Using a simple formula like “topic” caused “other unrelated topic”, can often be a recipe for comedic viral success. What Rad-Dudes.com found and shared from the underground meme hotbed 4chan.org in the image below is a perfect example. In a bizarro world where marketers are less conservative and more in tune with how the internet really works, WWE would have been the one immortalizing Randy Savage as a world-saver. Instead it’s a little known blog via a subversive group of internet trolls.


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