Styles to wear Pashmina

Pashmina is made up of wool material, mostly found in higher altitudes of Himalayan Mountains. Originally it is obtained from some special kind of goat breed. There are many ways by which pashmina shawls can be wearing.

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Some of the styles to wear pashmina are:

The Female Tie: To make this style, fold your Pashmina shawl lengthwise. Then again fold it but just half and put it around your neck – put the ends of your shawl through the loop on the other side.

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The small-chested women who want a bit of a boost can use this style. The layer of fabric will give the illusion of a bigger bust!

The elegant Peek-A-Boo Evening Shawl: This style looks great when you are going to any candlelight dinner. For this style, put the shawl on your shoulder and then allow the wool to lie down to your elbows. Through this style you also able to show a little more of your body at dinner.

The Jackie-O: If you want to go on a ride with your husband than just take your Pashmina shawl and add one oversized frame sunglasses. It gives you a great look.

The belted: You can give yourself a different look with this style. Just put this shawl around your neck. Let down both ends of the shawl in a front side and keep them below your waist. Then wear a broad belt. You will find yourself in a stunning look.

The Cape: Take the shawl over your shoulders, bringing the end as together and tying a knot in the front. This is an easy style to look beautiful with less effort.