Tips on Avoiding Traps During your time in Nadi, Fiji


The town or city of Nadi in Fiji provides an opportunity to witness some of the best tropical weather, crystal blue waters and jungle scenery. It is like experiencing paradise on earth. Quite often, we hear people coming back and sharing their love for Fiji along with fond memories. You may want to experience the same thing; however, you also need to be careful. These are some of the traps to avoid in Nadi during your vacation in Fiji.

  • Nadi Town –The town of Nadi has some of the best sites for scuba diving to perfect spots that offer breath-taking views of waterfalls. So, head over to these thrilling sites instead of wasting time in the glamorous hotels or resorts. When it comes to shopping, there is a bunch of collection of shops to buy some of the best items as a form of souvenir. However, be careful of vendors forcing you to buy an item without permitting you to leave their shops. While other’s wrap a gift without your permission expecting you to pay for it. 
  • Sword Sellers –These sellers are known to cause some major problems for the tourists. Swords are traditional items sold in Nadi and other parts of Fiji. However, these sellers pretend to ask the name of the tourists. On revealing the name, they engrave that name on the sword and force other travelers to buy them at a high-price. They also fool tourists by telling a random story about a relative being sick. So, be careful from such sellers.

You may also shop from areas near Fijis private island resorts.