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alex bogusky fearless cottage

“Fear is the mortal enemy of innovation, creativity and happiness.” So says Alex Bogusky, the epitome of the ad industry rock star, and founder of The Fearless Cottage. Bogusky, in a somewhat modern day transcendentalist manner, recently left his post as partner of ad agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (responsible for breakthrough campaigns for Burger King and Domino’s, among others) and has wandered into the woods in pursuit of a greater purpose. And while that exact purpose seems somewhat nebulous in the incubation stage (the site touches on sustainability, food industry activism, art, design, advertising), anything Bogusky does is worthy of taking note and bound to have an impact on how society approaches creativity.

The most tangible output of the Fearless Cottage so far is the Fearless Q&A series, in which Bogusky interviews guests on topics ranging from what’s wrong with our school’s cafeterias to what’s happening in experiential marketing, in hour-long format on his YouTube Channel. One of the most engaging episodes features his own father, a logo designer, and offers Bogusky fans a look into the iconography and craftsmanship that was the setting for the young creative genius in the making.

DESIGN with Alex Bogusky and his Dad

While I’m not exactly sure what’s going to come out of Fearless Cottage (it seems like Alex isn’t sure either), I’m looking forward to tuning into their weekly Q&A and taking part in the pseud0-movement that may or may not revolutionize the way that Americans eat… or sell products… or something.

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