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Brand reflections: Proposal for a new metric

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Brand reflectionWhen you’re driving to work and pass a billboard that you notice for a split second, or you have to sit through a 30-second ad during Glee, the advertisers paying to get in front of you call this an impression. It’s basically the foundation of how media people price their outlet. Lately, new metrics like time on site, pageviews, click-through rates, and interaction have been created to measure and monetize the internet. I have nothing against metrics and making money off of great content and site traffic, but there’s a critical flaw in my opinion.

They all measure what the audience is doing – watching, clicking, commenting – not what the advertiser is doing.

The VP of Brand Creativity for Blackberry, Paul Kalbfleisch, gave a presentation yesterday in the Research Triangle Park on the mobile phone giant’s continual quest to align their offering and message with the shared values of their audience. Simply put, audience loves music = Blackberry loves music. Audience loves sports = Blackberry loves sports. One of the more creative ways they’ve expressed this mission in the past is with their partnership with of The Black Eyed Peas, and the genesis of the “BBM” song.

The video below was captured by an attendee at a concert in Chicago, and it shows how Blackberry and the artist were able to integrate their communal text messaging platform into a live, crowd-sourced freestyle rap.

Brand Reflections

What a terrific display of a brand reflecting the values: love of music, love of participation, desire to share their own voice of their audience.

So what would happen if advertisers measured the frequency and volume of moments which made a lasting impression on someone, rather than measuring when someone received an advertising message on someone. I propose that this framework fits more closely the emerging marketing model that brands, advertisers and the media are already adopting within social media, branded entertainment, community development and social responsibility initiatives.

The Challenge: Assigning Value to a Reflection

The funny thing about an impression is its ambiguity. I could watch a 30 second commercial or see a display ad on Mashable, and while the cost is drastically different, the true value of the impression is essentially the same (you may disagree, I’m saying this is my feedback as a receiver of advertising messages). I’ve been in many conversations hypothesizing the value of someone leaving a comment on a blog or joining a Facebook community versus an impression, and wonder how we might measure and assign value to “brand reflections”.

Consider something like a video contest, where the brand is actively saying “What do you think about us?”, this is a great example of a reflection model. So when 200 people spend 20 hours of their lives devoted to thinking about a brand, getting their friends involved, sharing their work across their social networks, and committing their pride, creativity and potential career advancement opportunities into the project – what is the value of of those 12 million+ seconds just dedicated to sharing their values with that brand.

Is it worth 12 million people noticing a billboard for a split second?

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Is SpidVid the future of video production?

Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in Crowdsourcing, Entertainment, Innovation, Viral | 4 comments Collaborative Video Production platform

What would you do if you had a really great idea?

I’ve got this fantastic idea for an entertaining video series – 3 minute video pitches for social media start-ups, presented as auto-tuned music videos, featuring exclusively spoken clips and images of Betty White and The Old Spice Guy. Social Media + Auto-Tune + The Most Viral Couple Possible? A sure recipe for a viral video hit.

Betty White Old Spice Viral Video Mashable TechCrunch Auto-Tune Social Media

And I’ll think about how many views that video will get and how Mashable and TechCrunch will just be all over it. While going on with my daily life, content that even though I could probably write the words to a few pitches, there’s no way I could record killer music videos and audio tracks, and certainly not do all the work to find the right clips of Betty and Isaiah and mash it all together.

Thanks to SpidVid, a collaborative video production platform and community, the rest of the people in the world that like the idea and have the talent to lend a hand, can now get involved from wherever they are, for a stake in the project, by participating in video ideas and posting their own to the world.

I found out about SpidVid when some video producer friends shared an interview they’d done with Jeremy Campbell, Founder of and parent company Socially Collaborative Media. And even though Jeremy is used to being the one doing the interview, I caught up with him to share his vision for the start-up, and the video production model.

Give me the elevator pitch for Spidvid.

Spidvid is where individuals go to connect, collaborate, and create video entertainment together.

What’s your business model?

In the short term sharing ad revenues with the production teams who release video content through our Spidvid platform, and long term we have some big opportunities to tap into that involves deeper partnerships with our community members.

Tell me the story of Spidvid in five years, and how you’ll get there.

In five years I see Spidvid powering the web’s open and collaborative video production ecosystem. Our path to this BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to provide the platform and support our community needs to create video entertainment that they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to do. We also have to educate our community that the traditional video production process is evolving with new collaborative tools widely accessible to anyone who want to leverage them for their projects.

What’s the key to successful collaboration in the creative process?

I would say alignment. Individuals have to share a common project goal or passion, be on the same page throughout the project’s work flow, and each individual has to know what value they need to deliver to make the project an overall success. Also, at least one person has to sell the project’s vision, and get others to believe in it enough to buy in and be part of their team.

What’s your all time favorite viral video?

Hard to say since I’ve seen so many remarkable videos over the past few years that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would likely have to give the honor to one of OK Go’s music videos. Perhaps “This Too Shall Pass”. Their team has an incredible music video imagination, and it’s bringing them new fans and followers that they wouldn’t have otherwise attracted.

What entrepreneurs do you admire?

I admire entrepreneurs that work hard, are driven to succeed, have strong leadership skills, are creative, think big, and live their passion through their companies. Some entrepreneurs who fit that description are Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and I have a lot of respect for the world’s youngest billionaire ever Mark Zuckerberg. I think that Mark is the entrepreneur’s new poster boy, and he’s going to spawn a whole new crop of company visionaries.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The passion of innovating the video production model through a new media connection framework, and seeing video entertainment created using Spidvid’s platform that otherwise wouldn’t exist in the world. I also see all of these creators on YouTube who now create “user generated content” and believe that in time a decent percentage of them will realize that if they reach out and connect to other talent they will be able to increase the entertainment and production value of their content. There’s a new wave of video creators coming up now, and Spidvid’s platform and community will be there for them when they’re ready to take their content to the next level.

The “What is SpidVid” Video

What is Spidvid? from Spidvid on Vimeo.

The “This Too Shall PassMusic Video

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