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Epipheo Studios, dig it.

Posted by on Jul 18, 2010 in Advertising, Design, Viral | 0 comments

Epipheo Studios has produced stellar promotional videos for a client roster that’s going to make you jealous: Facebook, Google, Yelp, Zazzle… have all tapped the production company to craft a sort of “new media stuff made super easy to understand, and fun to learn about through video” feeling. Epipheo apparently is short for “epiphany through video”, and here’s an example of how they tell their own story:

This talent has apparently made them one of the go-to shops for new start-ups in the digital space. Their blog lists projects for predictably-named 2.0 startups like PhoneBooth, doubleTwist, voterVoice and iWikiPhone (with names like those they could all be selling the same thing as far as I can tell). Epipheo’s storytelling chops come in real handy for quickly figuring out who does what and whether you should care, and I bet they could craft one hell of a compelling investor presentation.

The interesting thing to me about the Epipheo is that they’re apparently most famously associated with this video for the “Consumerism does not = Christmas” organization Advent Conspiracy (great name). The video below got picked up by the viral video chart in 2008 and has over a million views. I’ve got to admit, this video gets the message across.

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