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frogMob crowdsources solutions to the world’s smallest problems

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frogMob frog design

NYC-based Frog Design is bringing open innovation from around the world to you.

Why should you care? Well, you know those little problems that we all deal with day in day out? I’m talking little, like, how do I manage the power cables coming from my desk, or how can I get my groceries on my bike. They’re not game-changing problems on an individual level, but when you consider the ubiquity of these scenarios, clever solutions make a small impact across an enormous pool. Think about all the a-ha moments you’ve had when someone showed you a nifty trick for dealing with a nuisance, like opening a beer bottle with a water bottle. Or inversely, the pleasure you derive from teaching someone your nifty trick.

Well that’s what frogMob is all about. Not to downplay the impact on industrial and consumer product design that this effort may have in the long run, because they could invent the next great thing from this crowdsourced research experiment, or alas, you could just find a really killer way to organize your stuff.

I came across this frogMob article thanks to Jackie Rangel of PSFK, who cites this Fast Company Design article on frogMob by Cliff Kuang as her inspiring source…

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