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A BP oil spill spoof that’s right on time. From UCB Comedy

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They could have been chastised for being “too soon” with this one. But UCB Comedy’s tactful approach to making light of the oil well situation by focusing on the blunders of BP became a viral sensation that earned mentions on mainstream media outlets while tearing up facebook walls and the twitter stream.

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Register for Triangle Startup Weekend

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2009s Top Four Startup Pitches

It’s been just about 2 years since the Triangle startup community came together for the first Triangle Startup Weekend, where four ideas out of 21 pitched – for startups ranging from a mobile app for guys to find “wing women” to help them pick up ladies, to a community-based online bartering network – were developed over the course of the weekend by make-shift groups of hackers, founders and marketers.

This June 3-5, 2011, Triangle Startup Weekend is back (discount tickets are available here until May 4th) and will be held in the heart of the entrepreneurial community, the American Tobacco Campus, in Bay 7 on Friday and Sunday, and in the Tobacco Underground on Saturday (when everyone is hacking). Along with the usual festivities – pitching startup ideas to the crowd, forming teams around the highest vote getters and then building working web and mobile products over the course of the weekend – this year’s event has come awesome bonuses:

1. Local startup rockstars in the mix – Already confirmed as speakers, mentors or judges are such notable entrepreneurial community pillars as David Jones and Jason Caplain from SouthCap, Joe Colopy from Bronto, and Nathaniel Talbott from the Raleigh Ruby Brigade, just to name a few (the current full list is posted on the site). Also, if you haven’t seen George Junginger from Groupstory MC a Startup Weekend event, it’s a sight to behold in and of itself.

2. Location, location, location – Bay 7 and the Tobacco Underground are awesome event spaces and with this kind of capacity you can be sure to expect a great turnout. Which in turn = lots of awesome people, ideas and collaboration.

3. Off-the-clock Events – The first 75 people to buy tickets will accompany the organizing committee, top team and VIPs to the Durham Bulls game on Sunday, where they will all party in a private Startup Weekend deck that evening. Also hearing early reports of a Saturday night Pub Crawl in downtown Durham, and a video throwdown asking attendees to try to one-up this Triangle Startup Weekend XtraNormal video in advance of the event (presumably for some kind of secret giveaway or trophy or something).

So if you’ve got an entrepreneurial bug, odds are this event is a can’t miss for you. And there’s sttill time to get the discounted tickets until May 4th at

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